The Italian noun Brio comes from Spanish Brío “energy, determination”, ultimately from Celtic Brīgos “strength”. It is the quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous. In Latin, it is used as a synonym for the word “Life”. It says that “If you do something with brio, you bring all of your zest and vigor to it!”

Graphic Design
OP by Pangolin Labs Ltd.

About us

Founded in 2008 by designer Noa Bichovsky. Founder of Nascent (Now Designit TLV), Designer at Pentagram's Award-Winning Team, Shenkar Faculty Member, and Microsoft Mentor.

Product creation is an evolutionary process. Escorted by Brio, inspired by the fruit's life cycle; It not only grows in size but changes characteristics over time. The seed develops into a flower, into a premature fruit, then into a red, juicy, sweet, beautiful edible fruit.

The Challenge
Creating a welcoming and intuitive task management and e-signature platform for technology-challenged small business owners.
The Outcome
A website that takes into account what that target audience of users need, and offers simple, intuitive navigation.
In the process of the tool design, Brio also helped to create a visual identity system that underscores Op’s strengths: providing users with confidence, and optimism.

Our Team

Noa Bichovsky
Design Management
Tal Amit
Design Research
Michal Alexander
Product, UX & UI Design
Tal Malka
Product, UX & UI Design
Maya Avramovsky
Product, UX & UI Design
Elite Naor
Product, UX & UI Design
Adar Hochman
Product, UX & UI Design
Chen Yishay
Product, UX & UI Design
Or Lutati
Product, UX & UI Design