Allowing parents to monitor and control their child's in-app purchases.

The Thumzap platform provides an elegant solution to those who can not perform in-app purchases, since they can not use a credit card or do not have one. 


Project Type:
Mobile Android
Gaming Environment


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Our mutual journey:

2015 - Today
The application consists of two parts: 

1 - The payer application (Parents app)
2 - The one requesting the gift (The Child).

In most cases, parents are the ones to perform the actual in-app purchases of their 8-16 years old kids: Think of the teenager that wants to perform an in-app purchase while playing a game on their mobile, but he/she does not have a credit card. Their parents are the first destination those kids go to, so they can have it purchased for them.

Some of you have probably heard such sentences:
"Mom, could you please insert your App Store passcode?"
"Dad, can I have this one?"

We designed an experience around the Gift term. We aimed to replace those sentences with new ones: "Mom, could you please get me a gift?"

So we did 3 things:
1. Replaced the term Purchase with the term Gift.
2. "Asked" the kid to become a "Thumzap ambassador"; who do you think is better to communicate the "Get me a gift" concept better than the kid himself?
3. Provided the kid with the tools to act as a successful ambassador.

Additional services include: Track all purchases, know the games your kid is playing online, manage (and therefore control) a monthly budget, make your child happy, and more.


Product Design Challenges:


Communicate with the kid to convince his parents to get the gifts for him, while the actual end-users are the payers (his parents).


Visually design a non-synchronic communication between the kid and the payer.


Should the Thumzap look & feel be identical to the original app or keep it unique and different?

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