Tailoring tools for the LGBT community around the globe.

Moovz is a social network for the LGBT community. It provides a home for those who wish to share their lives and experiences with the community. Moovz acts as a community offline and online. Events are organized so the Moovz users can meet each other in real life. The application became a connecting point for teens and grown ups from China, Mexico, The Philippines and more.


Project Type:

Social Network
Mobile iOS
Mobile Android
Web Application
Chat Platform
Online Video


 Find New Friends Around The World

Find New Friends Around The World

Our mutual journey:

2014 - Today
At the time we met Moovz, thousands of users were already "addicted". The online LGBT community DREAM had most definitely come to life. But, something was missing. Users were hoping to find friends more easily, to reach others that they do not know and become friends with. They wished the application will help them find the people who are most likely to like and be interested in. Users were looking for something that was not another dating experience, and this is where the design was focusing.

  Live Community Video

Live Community Video

Product Design & Look&Feel Approach:


The new platform supports easy access to explore new live videos, new community members, and new posts.


This application was designed to look as a playground, in which people meet new friends and interact with them.


The Moovz platform suggests innovative and better usability for well-known components such as: "Like" within the Live Video Chat interface, Mini Profiles, and more.