Brio interaction design ltd. established on 2008

Specializes in: UX Design which, according to Brio’s approach, is an holistic approach and method to create software tools/software products that are accessible to their target audiences.

(This stands against the approach/Method that UX/Product Design refers to the Front-End of products).

This approach/method goes hand-in-hand with the practice of understanding the business behind the product, the team and their requirements and objectives. Understand the potential market, competitors, risks, and values.

We use our vast experience in designing the actual process. How to prioritize according to given time frame, budget, needs, marketing objectives, businesses objectives, user expectations and more.

Therefore, we are keen about describing this entire process and product design profession asUser & Business Centered Design” (Rather than “User Centered Design”).

We believe, this is a natural development of where we started 20 years ago, in the Silicon Valley, exposing brands such as: Nike, Dell, Panasonic, Nokia, Logitech and more, to the innovative (back then…) concept/approach/method of “User-Centered-Design” or “Human-Centered-Design”.

Products that companies launch, are experienced as “Great Products” once the service is well designed, the budget is well used, the process is well planned and carried out, and the technology is well accessible to all users.