Datorama brings a new approach to marketing analytics:
The marketer's Data Hub. 

It provides a clear view and control over all of the marketing activities and media channels' performance. Datorama's end-to-end marketing intelligence platform integrates, standardizes and visualizes all of the campaigns and activities, so one can easily analyze and refine them within minutes.

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Datorama's customers review the product and help us explain what is behind the images:

"Managing over 150 campaigns and over 150 clients was a monumental task to tackle manually. Now, we can report our clients campaigns' in a more timely and effective manner than ever before."

"We were able to take a complex reporting process and distill it down to something simple and elegant. Less time spent cleaning and merging means more time spent adding value for clients.

"We have huge amounts of data across multiple locales. Datorama allows us to see all of it in beautiful visualizations."

"We've never had a more comprehensive marketing view across all our brands' multi-channel campaigns."